Supply Chain Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Built on Odoo ERP, which is trusted by over 12 million users worldwide. our tailored solutions enhance efficiency and transparency for NGOs.

Software Features

Supply Chain Modules has been built over years of experience in Nonprofit Organizations work

Procurment Process

From Purchase Requisition to Vendor Evaluation, All the Process is Digitized

Evaluation Committees

Form Committees for Admin, Technical, and Financial Evaluation

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Based on Scoring for Indicators in Technical, Admin, and Financial. 

Tender Management

For Monitoring Tender Announcement Operation and Envelopes Collection

Procurement Classes

For Automatic Selection of Scenarios Based on Total Amount of the PR

Printable Reports

Generate detailed and customizable reports with ease.


Track and Verify Received Goods or Services Efficiently.

Inventory Management

Optimize & Track Stock Over Multiple Warehouses 

Assets Management

Track and Manage Staff Assignments for Equipments

Fleet Management

Oversee and Maintain The NGO Vehicle Fleet with Precision.

Product Profiles

MaintainComprehensive Information About Products and its History

Vendors Profiles

Keep Detailed Records of Vendor Information and Performance.

Project Based

Manage Procurement Activities Linked to the NGO Projects

Linked to Budgets

Ensure Procurement Aligns with the Budget Lines. 

User Roles

Assign Specific Permissions and Roles to Users for Better Control

Procurement Process

Comprehensive Procurement Lifecycle

Streamline your procurement process from creating PRs to evaluating vendors. Link PRs to projects and budgets, gather approvals digitally, and manage RFQs with automatic OFAC checks for compliance.

Advanced Vendor and Order Management

Enhance vendor interactions with detailed cost-benefit analysis for all RFQs, ensuring the best procurement decisions. Seamlessly select winning RFQs, create purchase orders, and manage the receipt of products or services efficiently, including evaluation and tracking of vendor performance.

Enhanced Reporting and Compliance

Ensure transparency and compliance with detailed, customizable reports, effective tender management, and digital approval processes. Odoo Digital Signatures complies with EU and USA standards like eIDAS and UETA, ensuring secure and legally binding digital signatures to meet regulatory standards.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Our Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) module simplifies the procurement process for NGOs by providing dynamic indicators for technical, administrative, and financial evaluations. It includes automated calculations, deal breaker indicators, and split views for evaluation committees. Document meeting minutes and easily select winner, second stage, and third stage vendors. Generate and download comprehensive reports, ensuring transparency and efficiency.




Integration with Accounting Modules

Our system integrates procurement with accounting, linking activities to budgets. Financial teams and project managers can compare actual versus planned expenditures and view allocated amounts in PRs and POs. Vendor bills are connected to the procurement process, allowing accountants to access linked documents and approvals for streamlined financial oversight.

Integration with Projects Module

Each PR can be linked to multiple projects, with product lines connected to various budget lines in different percentages. Project managers can easily monitor and review PRs relevant to their projects, ensuring clear budget allocations and effective resource utilization across different projects.

ERP Solutions Built on Experience Since 2005

Odoo is a robust and versatile ERP system with nearly two decades of experience, trusted by millions of users globally. It offers comprehensive features that streamline and enhance your nonprofit’s supply chain management, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

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