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Software Features

Project Management Modules has been built over years of experience in Nonprofit Organizations work

Project Profile

Create and maintain detailed profiles for each project, including goals and milestones.

Donors Management

Efficiently manage and track donor information and contributions.

Project Timeline

Visualize and manage project timelines for better planning and execution.

Fund Management

Oversee and allocate project funds, ensuring proper financial management.

Activities Tracking

Track and monitor all project activities to ensure alignment with goals.

Project Logframes

Utilize logical frameworks to outline project structure and objectives.

MEAL Activities

Plan and manage Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning activities.

MEAL Actions

Implement MEAL strategies to enhance project impact and accountability.

Dynamic Indicators

Use dynamic indicators to measure and evaluate project performance.

Means of Verifications

Identify and document the means of verification for project activities and outcomes.


Generate detailed reports on project progress, outcomes, and impact.


Manage and coordinate with project collaborators and stakeholders.

MEAL Management

Project Logframe

Our system allows NGOs to create and manage detailed project logframes. This includes setting clear goals, outcomes, outputs, and activities. For each activity, indicators and means of verification are defined to ensure accurate tracking and evaluation. Recurring findings are recorded, and results can be summarized, averaged, or scored to provide comprehensive insights into project performance. This structured approach helps NGOs systematically plan, monitor, and assess their projects, ensuring that all objectives are met effectively.

MEAL Activities Management

Efficient management of MEAL activities is crucial for project success. Our system supports various types of MEAL activities, allowing assignments to employees and scheduling of visits. It also includes robust document tracking for all MEAL activities and an action list that notifies project managers of any issues that need to be addressed. This proactive approach ensures that any problems are quickly identified and resolved, maintaining the integrity and impact of the project.


Integration with Accounting Modules

Integrating Projects modules with Accounting allows for seamless tracking of project budgets and expenses. This ensures real-time monitoring of financial performance, aligning expenditures with project goals.

Integration with Supply Chain Module

Linking Projects modules with Supply Chain connects purchase requisitions (PRs) directly to projects. This optimizes procurement activities and ensures timely delivery of goods and services.

Integration with HR Module

Integrating Projects modules with HR enables efficient allocation of employees to projects. Project managers can assign tasks, track hours, and manage payroll related to project activities, ensuring alignment with project needs.

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Odoo is a robust and versatile ERP system with nearly two decades of experience, trusted by millions of users globally. It offers comprehensive features that streamline and enhance your nonprofit’s supply chain management, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

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