HR Software for Nonprofit Organizations

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Software Features

HR Modules has been built over years of experience in Nonprofit Organizations work

Employees Management

Centralize and manage all employee information efficiently.


Streamline approval processes for HR-related activities.

Contracts Management

Oversee employee contracts and ensure compliance.

Job Requisitions

Manage job requisitions to fill open positions effectively.


Handle the entire recruitment process seamlessly.

Vacancies Posting

Post job vacancies across dedicated web page.

Recruitment Committees

Organize and manage recruitment committees for fair hiring.

Time off

Track and manage employee time off and leave requests.

Projects Allocations

Allocate employees to projects based on contracts and availability.


Record and track employee work hours accurately.


Manage payroll processes efficiently, ensuring timely payments.


Generate and distribute payslips to employees.


Conduct employee appraisals to evaluate performance.

Attendance Tracking

Monitor and record employee attendance.

Advanced Reports

Generate detailed HR reports for insights and decision-making.

Payroll Management Process

Project Allocations for Employees

Our system allows NGOs to allocate employees to multiple projects, distributing their efforts across different budget lines in varying percentages. This ensures optimal resource use and accurate labor cost tracking, aligning staff contributions with project goals and budgets.

Timesheet Management

Employees log their working hours in the timesheet module based on their project allocations. This provides a detailed view of labor distribution, helping project managers monitor progress and ensure effective resource utilization.

Payroll and Payslip Generation

Payroll is computed by integrating project allocations, timesheets, and time-offs. This ensures accurate compensation, reflecting actual hours worked and project contributions. Payslips are then generated, detailing earnings and project-specific adjustments.


Integration with Accounting Modules

Integrating HR with Accounting links employee expenses to budget lines and organizes payslip payments. This ensures accurate tracking and timely, streamlined payroll processing.

Integration with Projects Module

Integrating HR with Projects allows precise employee allocations to multiple projects. This optimizes resource use and ensures accurate labor cost tracking across different initiatives.

ERP Solutions Built on Experience Since 2005

Odoo is a robust and versatile ERP system with nearly two decades of experience, trusted by millions of users globally. It offers comprehensive features that streamline and enhance your nonprofit’s supply chain management, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

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